Building Your Continual Innovation Model “Car”

engineer designing a car

OK. As promised in my last Blog entry, let's build your innovation model "car". We will assemble and describe the seven innovation methodologies, each integrated into proper configuration to serve … [Read more...]

Gentlemen, Start Your Innovation Engines


Genrich Altshuller (1926 - 1998) demonstrated how any system—existing, under invention, hardware, software, process or otherwise—any system, can easily be checked for completeness and autonomy by … [Read more...]

How We Got to Now

Alexander Graham Bell

This is my last post for 2014, so Merry Christmas to all and may you have an innovative new year.  As a gift to you, let me simply share with you the new documentary series, PBS' How We Got To … [Read more...]

“Internet of Things” – Biggest Breakthrough Since the Internet

image of an Internet of Things system on modules

Only once every 15-20 years I come across an article or white paper so pertinent, so pivotal and so applicable to almost everyone I know, that I simply have to tell everyone I know.  And, here it is! … [Read more...]

Building a Strong Four-legged Stool for Continual Innovation

four-legged stool

A few days ago, I was speaking with a gentleman about i3DAY Innovation services, trying to explain to him why i3DAY is not an innovation training service, yet it is. He then asked, "So, are they a … [Read more...]