How We Got to Now

PBS How We Got to NowThis is my last post for 2014, so Merry Christmas to all and may you have an innovative new year.  As a gift to you, let me simply share with you the new documentary series, PBS’ How We Got To Now.

This is an extremely well done and interesting series on the history and evolution of innovation.

You can get many of the best 3 – 4 minute video clips from this series by simply going to YouTube and search for:  “PBS How We Got To Now”

The author and narrator, Steve Johnson, also summarizes his thoughts, the week after the six documentary series ended last month with, Six Ideas That Made the World Great (below).

I will probably write more on this, in 2015, because it is apparent in this documentary series that Steve Johnson and his team were not aware of the development and power of “structured innovation,” which has been blossoming in just the past two decades to greatly compress time of innovation and development.  I call it innovation on demand, or innovation on steroids.

Merry Christmas and may all your inventions be pristine in 2015.

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