“Internet of Things” – Biggest Breakthrough Since the Internet

image of an Internet of Things system on modules

Only once every 15-20 years I come across an article or white paper so pertinent, so pivotal and so applicable to almost everyone I know, that I simply have to tell everyone I know.  And, here it is! … [Read more...]

Building a Strong Four-legged Stool for Continual Innovation

four-legged stool

A few days ago, I was speaking with a gentleman about i3DAY Innovation services, trying to explain to him why i3DAY is not an innovation training service, yet it is. He then asked, "So, are they a … [Read more...]

Thomas Edison vs. Structured Innovation

Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla

Who was the best inventor, Edison or Tesla?  I recently read two excellent books on innovation:  Edison on Innovation and The Ten Faces of Innovation.  Now I am seeing my previous post, Doing More … [Read more...]

Prepare FMEA in Half the Time, without Missing Any Critical Failure Modes

FMEA in Half the Time

In a previous post, I discussed Doing More with Less. It is a big push right now among government agencies and government contractors, including DOD.  Sequestration is, by law, cutting spending and … [Read more...]

Doing More with Less

auto industry innovations

The US Department of Defense (DOD) and the US Congress, dealing with Sequestration, Economic Downturn and National Debt Crisis are all saying to their suppliers, "We need to learn to do more with … [Read more...]