i3DAY Innovation is all about empowering you, your team and your company with PDD, Principle Driven Development tools, procedures and coaching to engage your people in frequent, consistent and rapid innovative solutions so you can start developing 15X more product and system hits than misses (redesign, cancelled projects, or market failures).

We are a growing group of America’s best innovators, product developers, design & development leaders and partners from venture capital, private equity and corporate finance experts funding America’s innovative product development.

Others may suffer from the 80/20 Rule of product development failures (4-out-of-5 failures), but we provide the principles, tools and procedures to help you succeed. We help each other connect. We decide our own profit margin, net profits and IRR, because money is a byproduct of the value we create in the world. Our products and systems change lives and improve standard of living. We make an impact.

We discuss ways to enjoy the best work/life balance. ‘Life with our loved ones as we build and foster the company that feeds this lifestyle. Not the other way around. Because of this, we’re able to serve humanity better. We’re able to show up in the world as true authorities. As ‘New Product Development’ Experts. We see PDD as the tool to move America into 1st place again, in a future of even greater innovation and prosperity.

One of the biggest problems today, causing the economy to waver and companies to falter is, all the ‘talk’ about “Innovation.” Most companies are talking about it, claiming it in their advertisements, trying to convince us all they are better at it than their competition, but most companies just aren’t doing it. And, those who are, aren’t doing it consistently. Most can’t even define the significant difference between “creativity” and “innovations”. And more, they could not define the difference between “innovation” and “structured innovation”. Can you?

So, if they know not what it is, how can they be doing it? Oh, most companies try to implement a good idea here and there, but without a structured way to consistently innovate and to find quick solutions to their problems. Thus, problems persist, problems turn into risk, risk ends with hazard, hazard brings legal costs and recalls. Or, the hazard may be loss of market perception, damage to company image, and loss of market share. And, soon the market has moved on to newer more functional and exciting products and services. The business falters and the economy wavers.

Innovation helps you lead the marketplace. The alternative? Failed attempts to innovate can drop you from the market completely and damage or destroy your company.  So, now, i3DAY invites you to adopt and embrace the PDD-System, with its proven innovative Principle Driven Development capabilities.