Founder Profile

“You can wait for months or years for an epiphany, or you can move from principal to epiphany to solving your problem in less than an hour, using the i3DAY-Innovation Method and tools.”    — Howard C Cooper

i3DAY was founded by Howard C Cooper, MS, DFSS-BB, FMEA, TRIZ, i3DAY Innovation Consultant and Coach. Mr. Cooper also facilitates Design for Reliability (DFR) and team innovation coaching for General Dynamics engineering groups. He is Six Sigma DFSS Black Belt certified by GDLS and by Air Academy. He is also a 28-year veteran consultant in reliability and innovation, helping companies eliminate 70% – 92% of their unscheduled equipment downtime, usually within 30-60 days!  In 2005, while helping GE engineers through development of the first digital, 3D imaging, bed-side xRay system, Howard coined the acronym FISH™ and FISHing™(Functional Interface Stress Hardening), to quickly teach others how to innovatively and dramatically boost reliability of new designs and/or fielded equipment. In 2009 he extracted from TRIZ books all reliability conflict information to create the “R-TRIZ tool”. It instantly provides the best two or three design principles or concepts, from over 500,000 patents, most likely to eliminate your immediate reliability problem. In 2010 he created similar rapid innovation eTools for solving safety problems, maintainability problems, thermal issues, weight, HFE (ease of use), manufacturability and an eTool for rapid solution of productivity problems. Mr. Cooper has coaches manufacturing engineers, design teams, hospitals, telecom, data centers, office complexes, oil companies and business leaders to achieve improved functionality at reduced cost, yielding; increased uptime, “Lean Capable Equipment” and increased profits. His seminar: “How To Eliminate 92% of Your Equipment Downtime in 30-60 days” is often rated as “most valued seminar of my career” by operations, engineering, and manufacturing managers. Combining the best methods of “D”; DeBono’s group for team lateral thinking innovation exercises, with “A”; Altshuller’s TRIZ, sturctured innovation and problem solving tools, combined with “Y”; You (those closest to the problem), creates the foundation of i3-“D”A”Y” total and rapid structured innovation methodology. Clayton Christensen’s root cause analysis and management of “distruptive innovation”, along with Cooper’s expertise in failure mode effects analysis (DFMEA) and Six Sigma Black Belt experience also lend to the i3DAY methodology. Mr. Cooper’s seminars on “The Process, Language and Three Tools of Rapid Structured Innovation” bring clarity and immediate solution to longstanding and critical corporate process or system engineering problems. (see “Client Results” page) Mr. Cooper holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Technology with dual minors in mathematics and electronics from SUU and a Masters in Industrial & Technical Education from BYU. He served as Fabrication and Diffusion Supervisor for Signetics Semiconductor, as Chief Maintenance & Reliability Engineer for Deere & Co and Hughes/Baker EIMCO. In founded  other online and B-2-B consulting service;,, and

Papers published and presented at annual conventions for:

• NDIA GVSETS 2013 (Natn’l Defense Industry Assn) (Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium)

• General Dynamics Annual Manufacturing Symposium

• RAMS-2013 (Reliability & Maintainability Symposium, of IEEE)

• TRIZ-CON 2011 (Structured Innovation Annual Convention)

• ARS-2008 (Annual Reliability Symposium)

• IMTBA (International Machine Tool Builders Association)

• SHE (American Society of Hospital Engineers)

• ULPA (United Lightning Protection Association)

• LPI (Lightning Protection Institute

• SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers

• Served 4 years as an honorary director of Electronics Magazine

Mr. Cooper is widely published in trade magazines:

● American Machinist

● Measurement & Controls

● Production Engineering

● Tooling & Production

● Plant Services

● Commline

● Computer/Electronics Service

● Control Magazine

● Medical Electronics

● SME/CASA Annual Proceedings

● SuperFactory

● Oil & Gas Journal

 Past Clients include:

GE, Cummins Engine, National Semiconductor, FMC, The Trane Co, Rockwell, Intel, BF Goodrich, Honda, American Express, Hercules Aerospace, General Dynamics, Colt, Rexnord Pneumatics, HCA Hospitals, Caterpillar, Borg-Warner, Texas Instruments, NTN Bower, SW Bell, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, Chubb Insurance, Snap-on, Helmerich & Payne IDC, Sturm Ruger, Exxon-Mobil, etc.

Your Path Forward with Structured Innovation:

i3DAY-Innovation provides you a structured path forward, with the processes, tools and coaching, to realize rapid, consistent innovation and improved profitability.  Watch our free 23-minute Introduction to Structured Innovation now, or request our 90 minute online webinar, $287 for up to 3 participants + $87 for each additional attendee.  Learn more about how i3DAY can empower your organization’s path forward with rapid and consistent innovation and optimized profits.