Gentlemen, Start Your Innovation Engines

Genrich Altshuller (1926 - 1998) demonstrated how any system—existing, under invention, hardware, software, process or otherwise—any system, can easily be checked for completeness and autonomy by … [Read more...]

How We Got to Now

This is my last post for 2014, so Merry Christmas to all and may you have an innovative new year.  As a gift to you, let me simply share with you the new documentary series, PBS' How We Got To … [Read more...]

“Internet of Things” – Biggest Breakthrough Since the Internet

Only once every 15-20 years I come across an article or white paper so pertinent, so pivotal and so applicable to almost everyone I know, that I simply have to tell everyone I know.  And, here it is! … [Read more...]

Building a Strong Four-legged Stool for Continual Innovation

A few days ago, I was speaking with a gentleman about i3DAY Innovation services, trying to explain to him why i3DAY is not an innovation training service, yet it is. He then asked, "So, are they a … [Read more...]

Thomas Edison vs. Structured Innovation

Who was the best inventor, Edison or Tesla?  I recently read two excellent books on innovation:  Edison on Innovation and The Ten Faces of Innovation.  Now I am seeing my previous post, Doing More … [Read more...]