FISH-CLIC Method to Eliminate 70-92% of Your Equipment Unscheduled Downtime, in 30-60 Days!

Maybe the most important innovation method I can point you to this month will help recent hurricane, flood and lightning storm victims to protect their automation equipment and automated machine tools from the basic stresses and downtime caused by these summer and fall (September 2017) storm forces. Using a simple method called FISH-CLIC, I have been able to eliminate 70-92% of such equipment downtime, and effect that new 500% – 900% reliability increase in only 30-60 days.
Here is a recent podcast I did, answering questions about, “What is FISH-CLIC?” and “How does it work, to eliminate most future downtime?”
Listen here:

Create your 500% to 900% increase in equipment reliability!

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