For Aerospace and Defense Industry Engineers and FMEA Facilitators

Free FMEA Excel Template

Download the exact template that helped our company save $4,620,000 in FMEA labor costs in a single year...

...And saved 10X that amount in system improvements.  

  • Complete FMEA's 3X faster, with or without expensive FMEA software. Used in automotive, aerospace  and defense industries for FMEA, DFMEA, FMECA and AIAG VDA DFMEA. Get more time to mitigate critical failure modes.
  • Win repeat production bids. Quickly identify, prioritize and mitigate critical failure modes before your next design review
  • Focused to avoid expensive warranty recalls and safety lawsuits
  • Key Tool for DfR. Eliminate critical failure modes before build and test, to assure getting next phase funding. 
  • Cut Validation Test time & expense by 67%, by using the FH-Decomp method and addressing Physics of Failure (PoF).
free fmea template

A Personal Note

 I developed this FMEA template over several years facilitating FMEA in the defense industry. It provides FMECA columns right along side DFMEA columns (optionally hidden). So it becomes truly a living document used during design, development, manufacturing, DVR and throughout  the product life-cycle. I consider this one of the major contributions of my career. To help product development and systems integration specialists. It should help you eliminate seen and unseen problems, rapidly mitigate critical failure modes, improve product value and grow market share. In short, get amazing results!  

H.C. Cooper
Howard Cooper