Our services facilitate;

1. Rapid FMEA, Failure Mode Effects Analysis, in less than half the time, without missing any critical failure modes (FMs),

2. CrRCA, Criticality ranked Root Cause Analysis for hardware, software, electronic, or organizational process problems,

3. Rapid innovative solutions to your most pressing problems,

4. 90 Minutes to three day i3DAY Think Tank sessions to forcast the product or service needed next, within your industry or product line.

Keep your future dream alive and solve today’s most pressing problems with i3DAY innovation.  Get the innovation coaching, tools, processes and consulting you need, via:

90 Minute Online Webinar / Workshop

Applying i3DAY Rapid Structured Innovation
  • Gain a working knowledge on two i3DAY tools
  • Detailed Examples: DFR & DFM problems – a case study
  • Summarize benefits, typical savings and profitability
  • Refine your path forward to improved innovation execution and profitability
  • Or, simply get 90 minutes immediate guidance to create innovative solutions to a specific problem

Your Investment: $287 for up to 3 online Webinar attendees, plus $87 each additional participant

2 – 3 Day Workshop, in-house or off-site

Retain Consulting Expertise to . . .

Conduct CrRCA Root Cause Analysis, FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis, DCA Design Constraint Analysis and generate the most innovative and cost effective solutions within hours rather than months or years.  Inhouse of offsite Think Tank Sessions to forcast and define future products or services, before the competition does.

Your Investment: $2,000 travel/overhead + $1,000 per day (2 days: $3,000, 3 days: $4,000, 4 days: $5,000)

i3DAY Innovation Training Workshop

Innovate your problems away    –     in-house or off site training & think tank sessions

In this 2 – 3 day workshop we train, then facilitate your team through the innovation process and tool usage, to generate multiple innovative solutions to one or more of your unsolved problems. Our i3DAY interactive innovation tools and training materials are provided Free to attendees to keep and use in the future.


With this training and a working knowlede how to use the tools, students are now ready to pursue projects, study and testing to certify as “Innovation Yellow Belt” through “Innovation Master Black Belt” experts.  Your company as a whole can see continual rapid innovation become the halmark of future success.

Your Investment: $20,000, 2 Days for up to 16 participants or $30,000 for 4 Days.

Consulting Retainer Agreement-1

Set up an I3-DAY Consulting Retainer, Agreement-1

for training your innovation team in all I3-DAY methods, and tools. We consult and train you on the innovation processes, methods, tools, best principles and approaches from I3-DAY. We help you solve current problems and predict future innovations, to keep you leading the market.

Consulting Retainer Agreement-2

 Set up an I3-DAY Consulting Retainer Agreement-2

to work “Structured Innovation” procedures and tools into your ISO-9001 or Corporate Process (into your DNA), to prompt innovative response at the 27 key points (Exits) from your daily process (Freeway). Create and maintain an Innovative Corporate mentality, response, products, services, image and profits.